Terms of stay

Dear Guests,

We are glad you have decided to stay in our chalets for a couple of days. The chalets and equipment they contain are very easy to operate, but since we are not a hotel and therefore do not offer receptionist’s services we want to share some information that will make your stay even more enjoyable and eliminates nuisances that may eventually occur.

First we would like to ask you to adhere to a couple of basic rules that go hand in hand with our rental contract. We are glad to be chosen among other competitors and we want to be your first choice in the future as well. That is why we strive to keep our chalets and all they contain in a state that is always ready to use right when you being your stay with us.

Each chalet is cleaned up and all appliances it contains are working and in perfect condition. That includes kitchen appliances, goulash pot, grill, fireplace and jacuzzi (if a chalet is equipped with one) with fresh drinking water chemically treated for jacuzzi use. When you are leaving the chalet on a last day of your stay, please do not leave any food or drinks in the chalet. Use the waste bins in front of the chalet to dispose remaining food and drinks if you do not want to take them with you.

We would like to ask you to clean up the grill, goulash pot or fireplace if you used any of these. They can be used and any time free of charge, but cleaning them is an extra cost for us that is not included in the price. Therefore we ask for your understanding and cooperation.

Any extensive spillage or pollution (including e.g. excrements, soap spillages in bathrooms etc.) will be considered a serious violation of these terms of stay. The sanction fee we charge is between 10 and 60€ depending on the severity of the breach.

Please note, that loud music or any other noise is strictly prohibited between 10PM and 6PM. Apart from that we kindly ask you to be considerate to other guest in nearby chalets and avoid loud noise at any time possible. The chalets are designed in a way, where normal communication does not disturb other guests, but we have seen examples where some of our guest misbehave and disturb the neighbors. In such cases we will ask you leave our chalets immediately without any compensation.

All sanction fees for breaches of these terms of stay will be charged from the deposit you have paid when beginning your stay with us.

The advanced payment of 50% of total price is non-refundable unless the whole period of your stay is booked by other guests. In such a case we will be able to refund the advanced payment as a whole.

Serious breach of these terms of stay will result in termination of rental contract without any monetary or non-monetary compensation. Should the chalet or its equipment be damaged, the deposit will be used to compensate for damages. If the amount of deposit does not cover damages in full or in part, we will charge all repair costs, including material costs, labor and transport.

Both parties agree to be bound by decisions of The Court of Arbitration as stated in Slovak Commercial Code.

Kids' playground is not a part of chalets area and we do not take any responsibility for any injuries that occur in the playground area. Kids should be under adult supervision at all times when playing in the playfield.

Tips how to avoid appliances failures and other nuisances

To fully enjoy your stay and avoid unpleasant situations like smell, clogged bathroom sinks or toilet, dirty or smelly water in jacuzzi, please follow these simple rules:

We have our own sewage treatment. To avoid smell, keep this in mind:

  • Use glass bowl/bottle you will find next to kitchen sink to dispose of used oil after frying the food.
  • Do not throw anything apart from toilet paper into the toilet bowl.
  • Use only cleaning detergents provided from us. These are suitable for our sewage treatment and do not cause any harm.

Not following any of above mentioned can lead to lower level of bacteria in our sewage treatment. As a result, unpleasant smell can occur inside the chalet or nearby.

How to prevent flooding inside the chalet

While showering, please use shower holder where you can stow the shower head. Do not press the shower head on the floor while the water is running. This can lead to water spillage over seal and flooding of ground floor.

Do not cover drain with foot or towel while showering.

How to use heating in the chalet

The heating in the chalet is pre-set for comfort conditions during winter season.

To adjust inside room temperature, use + / - buttons on thermostat.

Do not use radiator valves in the ground floor. In case you will close the valves the heating will turn off. Use thermostat in the ground floor to set the temperature.

Radiator valves in the first floor can be used as needed to adjust room temperature in the first floor.

How to use infrared sauna

Infra-red sauna is very easy to operate

On / Off - Turn sauna on / off

Heat – temperature control

Time – time control

Read lamp – white reading lamp

Set light – ambient colorful lightning

O3 and ionizer can be used as needed to improve air quality while in the sauna

To ensure maximum security please close the windows and lock terrace doors at all times when you are not in the room.

How to avoid dirt and smelly water in jacuzzi

Before your visit, we commit to clean up the jacuzzi and fill it in with fresh drinking water.

Jacuzzi should be used for relaxation. It is therefore strongly recommended to take a shower before entering the Jacuzzi. Whatever you bring into the Jacuzzi, you will find it there later. The Jacuzzi should not be used instead of bath or shower.

We do not recommend candles next to the Jacuzzi. Melted wax can cause severe damage to the Jacuzzi. Any repairs will be fully covered by the guest.

Food and drinks can cause water contamination and eventually be hazardous for your health.

Kids can bring in all sorts of items that will cause water contamination. Please watch out if they bring any items with them when entering the Jacuzzi.

Water in the Jacuzzi is chemically treated. Not following the abovementioned rules can, however cause water contamination we cannot be held responsible for.

Avoid trouble with the jacuzzi

Every Jacuzzi has sensors installed to prevent freezing or overheating. In case the water level is low, Jacuzzi will automatically turn off. Please note that jumping in and out of the Jacuzzi can cause water level to go down very quickly.

Please use only controls that we advised you to use. That way we can avoid any unusual operation of the Jacuzzi or even damage to the system.

How to operate the jacuzzi

Use red colored button On/Off to turn the jacuzzi on and off.

Check the display. If a lock is activated hold “lock” button to lock/unlock keyboard.

When leaving the jacuzzi it is OK to turn it off using the red Off button (e.g. before you go to bed or when you know you will not use the jacuzzi anymore).

Water tends to turn colder over night, therefore we recommend to check the temperature in the morning and turn on the jacuzzi a couple of hours before intended use. Check “heat” button and whether heating is in progress. If the heating is on a “heat” button symbol should be present on the display. If it flashes and does not show pre-set temperature the heating is not on. Once the water temperature reaches required level heating will turn off automatically and “heat” symbol will flash on the display.

Temperature is preset to 37°C. Use only buttons to control blowers, light, pumps and ozone.

Check the temperature in the morning and check “heat” symbol. If the heating symbol does not show set temperature press “heat” button. The “heat” symbol should stop flashing after 10 seconds. Heat will turn on together with Pump 3

After above mentioned step you should see “heat” and “pump3” on display. That indicates correct operation of jacuzzi.

Accidental button presses can cause jacuzzi to operate incorrectly or shut down completely

Please contact us in case something is not working properly

Watch the water level in jacuzzi. Low level will cause system to shut down to prevent damage.

Following the abovementioned rules you can be sure you will enjoy you jacuzzi fully.

You can download a copy of these terms and conditions here.